Leep Class Q

We are proposing the Reuse of Agri-Fabric: referencing a live research project in Suffolk UK
  • 4 building typologies for the eco-conscious will be introduced for quick and locally responsive solutions to create equitable living connected with the rural disused Agri-Fabric.
  • The proposal is a response to Class Q Permitted Development- Agricultural to Residential, with a reformed approach to increasing a dynamic engagement with living with the land through care.
  • A form of natural and community capital will be encouraged through building skills swap and exchange of local crops: a networked series of similar rural hubs will engage collectively along this model.
  • Collective living will be organised around a shares scheme with residents investing their time and skills in partial exchange for tenure.
  • Systems will be key to operating holistically from the social glue of the scheme to the physical operation. A communal district energy system powered by solar and wind will be supported by a wastewater treatment plant, and local bioreactors for composting household waste.
  • Construction techniques will combine professional skills and self-build. Agri-fabric simplifies the build process as it transforms the existing robust structures which provide structural frames/linings and infrastructure for rainwater, sun and wind harvesting and vegetable growing.
  • Tapping into local dynamic agriculture and small manufacturers will provide regenerative crops and building material such as Bulmer Brick and Tile’s crushed second hand bricks. Local Suffolk willow growing and coppicing will be used for experimental wattle and daub panels. Insulation will combine offcuts from the historical silk making alongside hemp and straw.

Leep Architects

Marcus Lee, Architect/Lead

ARCA/University of Westminster

Dr. Corinna Dean, Architecture and Cities Lecturer/Researcher


Andy Downie, Circular Economy Advisor/Structural Engineer

Peter Veenstra, Landscape and Ecology

Bulmer Brick and Tile Company

Tonia Lawes, Archivist/Brick Factory History

Nada Sialan Sustainability and Environmental Engineer

Yuki Sumner, Strategic Communications Consultant