Hope Point Neighbourhood

Hope, Hummocks & Flarks

In the UK approximately 1.9m people live with significant risk of flooding, with the number predicted to double in our lifetime due to climate change. Our proposal addresses the housing crisis while foregrounding the context of the unfolding ecological emergency, and reimagines future living among post-industrial ruins.

Now decommissioned, the Cliffe Marshes Explosives Works is located on the Hoo peninsula along the Thames Estuary. Situated within a striking marshland landscape currently used for pasture, its remnants are one of many disused brownfield sites in the UK.

Utilising the remaining concrete structures of the drying houses, disused embankment jetties and protective artificial land formations, new flood- resistant typologies are envisioned to cope with increasing weather instabilities. Local renewable materials such as reeds, chalk and wool are used in the construction of dwellings, workshops, community spaces and gardens, repurposing the wide-ranging durably built foundations and retaining structures.

The infrastructural elements of the explosive works are adapted to develop over time in response to the communities’ needs and desires while restoring the damaged landscape. Residents play a key part in co-designing their homes while protecting the streams and the wetlands.

A riparian woodland comprising large-rooted trees like alder and willow is re-established, stabilising the riverbank, improving the water quality and preventing flooding downstream.

Working alongside young people at Hackney Quest - a community organisation committed to broadening the opportunities for young people in urban centres - our team is composed of artists, architects, theorists and filmmakers focused on the issues of social and environmental justice.

Well St Studio
Robert Guest, Architect

Simon Eaves, Filmmaker

University of the Arts London
Mireille Fauchon, Illustrator, Researcher and Educator

Gabrielė Grigorjevaitė, Multidisciplinary Practitioner and Researcher

Studio ONB, Syracuse University
Vanessa Lastrucci, Landscape Practitioner and Educator

Hackney Quest - Charity committed on developing young people’s skills through a diverse range of activities
Bella Relph, Deacon, Reece, Hector Diane, Mohamed, Nayem – Advisors on the housing aspirations of disadvantaged young people