The Food Collective: A Hundred Year Cookbook


During the lockdown period, when transportation and logistics came to a halt, we were inspired to reimagine our lifestyles and embrace self-sufficiency. This led to the inception of an ambitious project that revolves around food as a catalyst for revitalizing unappealing urban areas and reconnecting communities through the power of food and rethinking home.

At the heart of our project lies the Singleton Railway Station, which serves as a dynamic testing ground. Our vision is to transform this existing station into a vibrant community center, fostering workshops, discussions, and collaboration among residents and visitors alike. By seamlessly integrating a self-sustainable housing scheme with high-yield organic food production and vertical farming, we aim to reactivate the station and forge a sense of connection between cities through the act of growing food.

Recycled timber and food-waste materials in the vicinity are repurposed into diverse modules, including food laboratories, seasonal gardens, living homes, and more. This comprehensive framework empowers families and cultivates a strong sense of community, with individuals becoming integral parts of a shared local ecosystem. Our objective is to reconnect people with nature and bridge the gap between consumption and production, embracing a home farming lifestyle where individuals actively participate in growing their own food.

A notable innovation within our project is the "Farm to Building" concept, where food waste is transformed into raw materials for creating sustainable and biodegradable building elements. This approach aligns seamlessly with our commitment to reducing waste and fostering a circular economy.

Ryan Tung, Architect/Animator

Anson Kwan, Architect

Luke Celinski, Designer

Pascal Muench, Baker/Architect

Annie Yao, Baker

Victoria Chong, Dietitian

Derek To, Engineer

Hin Lok Lee, Designer

Juwhan Han, Property Developer

Albert Leung, Architect

Jacky Cheung, Designer

Sam Courtney, Planning Consultant