A Taste of Home

Will King + Hari Kumar

When a person at risk of serious human rights violations and persecution is given refugee status in the UK, they have just 28 days to find housing and apply for benefits before being evicted from asylum accommodation. Without the knowledge and skills needed to integrate into the UK effectively, many refugees become homeless at this point – often while dealing with trauma and urgent care needs.

A Taste of Home sets out to provide a stepping stone to rebuild lives in the UK. Free co-living accommodation and support is provided in exchange for contributions to running a ground-floor public restaurant offering a menu created by residents.

In this community, food is used as a positive and tangible way for people of diverse backgrounds to share culture. The public restaurant provides a focal point for cultural exchange, promoting social cohesion and acknowledging common humanity, as well as funding the community.

Community support services include assistance with healthcare, jobs, housing and English language lessons. A proportion of the co-living accommodation will be open to those without refugee status at a subsidised rate in exchange for volunteering. A Taste of Home aims to champion the positive impact that built environments can have on individuals and communities alike.

Allies and Morrison
Will King, Architect

Hari Kumar Studio
Hari Kumar, Architectural Photographer and Visualiser