Co-Living Works!

Workhome Project

A vision where the city itself becomes the locus for co-living for all – achieved by infusing existing cities, neighbourhoods and buildings with co-living principles.

Current co-living models often involve intentional communities inhabiting purpose-built developments. This benefits few while requiring considerable financial, emotional and time investment. In contrast, rather than reinventing people’s homes, Co-Living Works proposes new infrastructure to encourage sharing.

Addressing pressing cross-generational issues of loneliness and worklessness, visible social infrastructure is proposed for disused buildings close to people’s homes. Post-Covid disused shops and offices defining 15-minute neighbourhoods will be opened up for activities that might start with sharing a cup of tea and a biscuit and grow to sharing washing- or sewing machines, or childcare.

the emptier, the fuller
like shared stomachs.
what already is
needs being done.

The infrastructure also provides space for activities that can’t happen in the home, especially when homes are small, overcrowded, inflexible or poorly designed. This might be dirty, noisy work like making and mending, collective (free) childcare that allows single parents to work, or safe and sociable spaces for grandmas and grandpas to gather.

quietless reserve
in dark deep space
already in the buildings of

By providing shared spaces for children, young adults and older citizens, Co-Living Works! sets off a new age of inclusive urban co-living, celebrating the diversity and cultural richness of our cities by bringing together people who would not normally meet.

a dip in the brick
where use
like heat

London Metropolitan University
Frances Holliss, Architect, Academic, Author, Collaborator
Joseph Kohlmaier, Musician, Artist, Writer

Ash Sakula Architects
Cany Ash, Architect, artist

Brown Urbanism
Richard Brown, Architect, Urbanist, Author, Musician, Builder

University of Oregon
Howard Davis, Architect, Urbanist, Author

Housing LIN
Jeremy Porteus, Specialist housing expert

Tomi Akinyemi, Architectural Designer

Maria-Magdalena Atanasova, Architectural designer

Steve Fowler, Poet, Artist

Juli Oti, Architectural Designer